Brittany Lasater

Brittany Lasater

Brittany’s initial passion for real estate started while studying interior design at Western Kentucky. Working as an interior designer for over five years, she built a reputation with her clients as somebody who was able to listen to their needs and make them a reality.

It wasn’t until a conversation with a friend, that she decided to take a step into the real estate world.

“A friend called me and said, “I can’t handle my realtor anymore! He’s not listening to me and what I need from my home.” All I could think of was, “How could I help her?” I was tired of seeing bad realtors not give the attention that their clients needed and not listening to them.”

This conversation continues to push Brittany to be the best agent she can be. Her effort to understand clients needs and desires does not go unnoticed. With a keen eye for creative detail and a passion for working with people, it’s safe to say Brittany was destined for a career in real estate.

During her downtime, you can find Brittany helping her family with their very well known Nashville business, Hattie B’s Hot Chicken.


What do your clients love about you?

“My attention to detail, thoroughness, the fact that I do really listen to what their needs are and implement that.” “So far, all of my clients have become my friends.”


What are you passionate about?

“I am very passionate about design and architecture. I am passionate about families and that’s essentially how I found my way into real estate.”


What are your goals?

“My ultimate goal is consistent referral business because that would show that my previous clients had had an phenomenal experience.”


What do you love about music?

“I love everything about music. I love that so many genres can come together, which is really what Nashville is about. So many things can come together and make such beautiful music.”


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