Dan Escobar

Dan Escobar

Born in Lakewood California, Dan moved to Tennessee in 2007 with his wife Marcia Escobar. They made their transition to Nashville from Florida, where Dan served as a police officer.

Seeing his wife become a successful real estate agent, inspired Dan to become one himself. In 2015 he decided to switch career paths to pursue his dreams of becoming a realtor and work alongside his wife.

Dan’s understanding personality allows him to work well with buyers. He focuses on easing the process for clients and comforts them in the fact that he is always there for support.


What do your clients love about you?

“I’ve always done really well one on one with people. It’s important to make them feel relaxed and comfortable.”


What are you passionate about?

It’s really about helping people find the home that they love and trying to make the process of finding a home as enjoyable as possible.”


What are your goals?

“As far as the team goes, we want to be the best team in Tennessee in helping people either sell a home or buy a home while actually being able to enjoy the experience. We want people to enjoy their experience with Living TN to the point where they would want to refer us and use our company again and again.”


What do you love about music?

“Music to me is a powerful medium. When I’m able to listen to music by myself I usually turn it up loud and I don’t just listen to it-I feel it. It’s very relaxing and nostalgic.”


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