Jonathan St. Martin

Jonathan St. Martin

A California native, Jonathan joined the Living TN team as a Junior Marketing Associate while he was in school at Lipscomb University. Upon graduating with a double finance major, Jonathan began working full time in the role of listing coordinator.

Jonathan works hand in hand with our operations manager Nicole Ptacek, to ensure that all of our contracts make it to the closing table.

Aside from his work as a listing coordinator, Jonathan is Living TN’s in-house certified stager. He takes pride in making sure that what the seller feels is the most valuable part of their home is displayed for all potential buyers.

Jonathan’s hospitable nature allows him to gain the trust of clients so that he can adequately market their personal homes.


What are you passionate about?

“I love when I go into somebody’s house and see what they value (regardless of price) and being able to show them that we value that too.”


What are your goals?

My goal is to create systems and processes to further the expansion of the Living TN brand.”


What do you love about music?

I think it has the power to unite a lot of people from a lot of different backgrounds. It’s a really good adhesive to a company-music brings people together and that’s exactly what real estate is all about.”


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