Nicole Ptacek

Nicole Ptacek

Simply put, Nicole makes things happen for our team at Living TN.

Studying audio production at MTSU, Nicole started her career in the music industry and then moved her way into reality television. After realizing that the entertainment industry wasn’t suited for her, she joined Keller Williams as a realtor’s administrator and shortly after became a valuable asset to the Living TN team.

Nicole oversees all home purchases as they come into contract until they are officially closed, paying close attention to the clients needs during the entire process. Her attentive focus on going the extra mile for both clients and team members is an incredible representation of the Living TN brand.

On a daily basis Nicole can be found optimizing all of our systems for maximum potential, assisting both clients and agents, overseeing all production, policy, and procedures, and making sure that everybody has all the help they need.


What are you passionate about?

“I am passionate about making our clients happy during the most stressful transition of most people’s live. I love going the extra mile and making that difference that will stand out in their mind.”


What are your goals?

“I want to create a scalable company, something that I can grow beyond Tennessee. I would love for people on our team to be able to have a passive income so that they can achieve their dreams without having to work all the time.”


What do you love about music?

The right music can help you do whatever you need to do, you can focus, vent, or create.”

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