Kelsey Johnson

Kelsey Johnson

A SoCal native, Kelsey Johnson attended the University of California Berkeley where she studied media and mass communications. Upon graduation, Kelsey’s creative nature brought her to Los Angeles to work in the fashion industry. In the summer of 2012 Kelsey sought adventure and moved to Nashville.

Kelsey has accomplished a lot in her time in Nashville. She’s helped market a timeshare company, started her own fashion line, and repurpose a campground to be used as an Airbnb. These successes across multiple industries impressed our CEO Daniel Askew.

Today Kelsey works hard to connect home buyers and sellers with the Living TN team so that our clients can have the best real estate experience possible. Through remarkable work ethic, creativity, and drive – Kelsey has had a major impact on the Living TN team.


What are you passionate about?

“I am passionate about fashion, photography, connecting with people and doing creative things. I’d love to be Joanna Gaines.”


What are your goals?

“I want to combine business with creative things. I want to be able to work both in real estate and connect to design opportunities.”


What do you love about music?

“I like to listen to people just belt it out and sing along to it in my car.”

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