Author: Tanner Duncan

  1. Local Guide to Nashville Pt. 1

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  2. Bagel vs Donut: Round 1

    Sweet or Savory? Donut with sprinkles or a bagel with cream cheese? Where do your breakfast priorities stand? Only you can decide! Follow us during this three part series starting of Bagel vs Donut, Nashville style. Round 1: Proper Bagel vs. 5 Daughters Bakery Proper Bagel    Proper Bagel stands as a modern chic cafe, with … Continued

  3. A Gardener’s Touch

    Everyone has a different take on how they are #LivingTN. Emily puts a new spin on how she’s got the natural touch of Tennessee. Written by: Emily Magee   “When I first moved to Nashville I had a lot to learn about myself and a lot of learn about the life ahead of me. All … Continued

  4. 3 Ways Nashville Has Literally Transformed My Life

    Moving to Nashville brings new challenges and experiences. See how Deidre used her move to Nashville as inspiration for her dreams. Written By: Deidre DeFelice   “My first few years were spent making hundreds of dollars a night waiting tables, having way too much fun dancing on bars downtown (somewhere I rarely visit now!) and … Continued

  5. Arrington Vineyards

    Arrington Vineyards is a “wine country experience” located just 25 minutes south of Nashville. Written By: Anne-Claire Smith     Don’t we all dream of a place where the wine overflows and the skyline is endless? Well don’t worry, we have got the place for you right here in Nashville and it’s called: Arrington Vineyards. The vineyard … Continued

  6. The Nashville Kid

    We love seeing how people are #LivingTN through different stages of life. Meet Olivia, a 15 year old with big plans in the Nashville community. Written By: Olivia Lauer   “The Nashville Kid is directed towards youth by promoting local brands and artists around town. I share about inexpensive restaurants, as well as cheap or … Continued

  7. Nashville Farmers’ Markets

      If you love farmer’s markets, Nashville is the place for you. Read below to find one near you! Nashville Farmers’ Markets Written by: Anne-Claire Smith   Are you tired of fighting for a spot in the Trader Joe’s parking lot? Are you sick of rummaging through piles of avocados to find the perfect one? … Continued

  8. Nashville Newbie: Reflections from a Northern Transplant

    Jackie Wall is a Northerner at heart, but Nashville made her fall in love with the south. Here’s her story on how she began #LivingTN. Written By: Jackie Wall The true embodiment of embracing the culture in Tennessee means constantly failing and learning, setting goals and working together to make the community fuller by all of … Continued

  9. Sinema

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  10. Jackalope Brewery

    Great beer & great people. That’s Jackalope. Owners Bailey Spaulding, Steve Wright and their staff are a joy to be around. Here is a glimpse into Jackalope and how they are #LivingTN If you asked Bailey Spaulding what she wanted to be growing up, her answer would have been a lawyer. Little did she know … Continued

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