Bagel vs Donut: Round 2

Sweet or Savory? Donut with sprinkles or a bagel with cream cheese? Where do your breakfast priorities stand? Only you can decide!

Follow us during this three part series starting of Bagel vs Donut, Nashville style.

Written By: Anne-Claire Smith



Round 2: Fox’s Donut Den vs. Bagel Face Bakery

Fox’s Donut Den

Fox’s Donut Den is nestled in the heart of Green Hills. When you walk in, it has the nostalgic feel of going to your local donut store when you were a kid. They are loyal to their customers and make them feel at home. Any Nashville Native will tell you that Donut Den is a one stop shop for all your donut needs.


A few things you should know:

  1. People CRAVE their delicious Apple Fritters
  2. Need a late night snack? They stay open until at least midnight every night!
  3. Their blueberry donut holes have angel wings on them because they indeed taste a little bit like heaven
  4. They offer wifi! A break from the office sounds good with donuts and coffee in hand.

Our favorites:

Donut: Maple Glaze

Donut Hole: Blueberry





Bagel Face Bakery

Bagel Face Bakery is known for their “Music City Style Bagels” and are made fresh daily. They are located in East Nashville located down the street from Hot Yoga East Nashville (what a perfect breakfast combo: bagels & yoga).


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  1. Bongo Java Coffee, High Garden Tea and Willow Farms Eggs are just three of their seven local partners.
  2. You can find their bagels at Sam & Zoe’s, Ugly Mugs, Bongo East and several other locations.
  3. They call ‘em “schmears” instead of cream cheese and you can choose from cucumber dill, chipotle, honey walnut plus several more!
  4. “Bagel Sammiches” are a speciality and they range from breakfast to lunch


Our Favorites:

Bagel: Garlic Housemade Bagel

Schmear (cream cheese): Chipotle

Bagel Sammich: The Leo


So who captured your heart this week? Was it the apple fritters from Donut Den or the chipotle cream cheese from Bagel Face?

Comment below and let us know!

Tune in next week for the FINAL round of Bagel vs. Donut


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