Bagel vs Donut: Round 1

Sweet or Savory? Donut with sprinkles or a bagel with cream cheese? Where do your breakfast priorities stand? Only you can decide!

Follow us during this three part series starting of Bagel vs Donut, Nashville style.

Round 1: Proper Bagel vs. 5 Daughters Bakery

Proper Bagel 


Proper Bagel stands as a modern chic cafe, with minimalist interior. They are located off of Belmont Blvd near Hillsboro Village.

A few things you should know:IMG_1040

You MUST try their house-made butter, our favorite flavor is the fig & honey but once you try them all it’s too hard to choose one!

Masters of cream cheese: garlic  & rosemary, lavender honey, walnut raisin, salted caramel- Just to name a few!

Barista Parlor is their partner for all things coffee, so you know that you are getting a top notch brew.

Bagel sandwiches are one of their specialties, drop the cream cheese and head for the whole package!

Our Favorites

Sandwich Bagel: Roasted Turkey with house made cherry relish

Cream Cheese: Lavender Honey

For Non Bagel Enthusiasts: They offer an array of different toasts, sandwiches and salads.





5 Daughters Bakery



5 Daughters Bakery is a family business that was started in Franklin, TN. Fortunately for us, they found their way to 12th South where they offer daily donut service.

A few things you should know:

  1. They specialize in what they call “cronuts” a hybrid between a croissant and donut (who knew two wonderful things could be joined together)
  2. They are known for their 100 LAYER donut
  3. These special donuts take up to THREE days to create
  4. Got Paleo on your mind? Well don’t worry here! They offer Paleo Friendly doughnuts.
  5. Their donuts are also located at Barista Parlor


For Non Doughnut Enthusiasts:

They offer yummy cupcakes and mouth watering cinnamon rolls


So who won you over this week? Was it the salted caramel cream cheese at Barista Parlor or the 100 layer cronut from 5 Daughters Bakery? Comment below and let us know!

Stay tuned next week for Round 2 of Bagel vs. Donut featuring Fox’s Donut Den vs. Bagel Face Bakery!


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