Bringing on Change in a New City

Anusha and her husband saw an opportunity to create a life in Nashville. Here is a glimpse into their transition and how they fell in love with our city.

Anusha Tanguturi

“It must be a big change!” That’s the first thing I hear when I tell people that I moved from Brooklyn, NY to Nashville, TN. “It’s much slower down here”, they say. I always smile and reply that it was a welcome change. For one, my tropical genes love the Nashville weather. But even more so, there are tons of reasons why I have fallen in love with this city.

Nashville pleasantly surprised both my husband and me; on our very first visit for a job interview a couple of years ago. The friendly faces we met (you don’t get the southern hospitality in Brooklyn for sure), the perfect mix of urban and green spaces and of course more value for your money. It seemed like the perfect city for us to put down our roots and start a family.

Our very first weekend after we moved here, we got to go to the annual forth of July hot chicken festival in East Nashville. The authentic Nashville-ian experience was so awesome and to top that off with the extravagant fireworks display in downtown was just glorious!  A must see event for everyone.  The wide range of food options, be it the hipster joints of Germantown and East Nashville, the young vibe of 12 south or the up scale fancy restaurants in the Gulch, the choices are plentiful. Nashville has best Indian food too; my favorite places to go for authentic and delicious flavors are Chauhan Ale and Masala House, Bawarchi, Sitar and Woodlands.

Anusha TanguturiAs a fashion + sewing blogger, I love finding interesting locations for the backdrop in my photo shoots. Whether it’s the awesome view of downtown from the top of love circle or the green space of the capitol mall and Bicentennial Park, they are easily accessible and perfect for me. There is so much of the city that I still have not even explored yet.

When I finished sewing these shorts, I thought of using another blogger favorite for my backdrop: the innumerable and unique wall murals that adorn the city. So off we (hubby and I) went exploring some of the fabulous artwork. They definitely made for some great pictures. I want to share with you all some of these great places!

First stop, Bears outing! Depicting five adorable dancing bears that adorn the side of Eastside Cycles, in east Nashville, near five points. Next, City’s favorite music shop, Carter vintage guitars (625 8th avenue S); they have a beautiful mural of mother Maybelle Carter playing her vintage Gibson guitar, on the outside wall, overlooking the parking lot. The other side of the building features a huge depiction of a Les Paul’59 Reissue.

I will have more murals and a tutorial on how to make these cute shorts on my blog soon, so please check back. Until then, you can see my DIY projects here and here.



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