Don’t Curb the Enthusiasm!

We all know about first impressions—they matter. Potential buyers form their first impression of a home the moment they pull up to it. Hence, the term curb appeal. The outside of your home is every bit as important as the inside. No one wants to hear the feedback, “the buyers never went in after seeing the outside.” Ouch.

Don’t make the mistake of putting landscaping, hardscaping, and the exterior of your house at the bottom of your to-do list. Fortunately, there are quick, simple, and inexpensive tweaks that can increase your home’s curb appeal exponentially. If your curb appeal is not “all that,” try a few of these.

Obviously, you want grass, trees, bushes, and flowers to be alive, preferably thriving. Make sure you are watering (you may even consider fertilizing—gasp!) in advance of putting your home on the market. Pull weeds, deadhead plants and replace those that have no chance of revival. Rake leaves and blow off driveways, porches, and paths. Put hoses, wheelbarrows, trash cans, and anything else (no broken swing sets or abandoned vehicles!) that might take away from the fabulous view, out of sight. And, fix or replace anything that is broken or shabby looking, like burnt-out lightbulbs and that missing shutter you haven’t gotten around to putting back up.

Hopefully, you have already painted the exterior of your home if it’s needed (when in doubt ask your agent). If it’s not time to re-paint, you should still pressure wash, or hire someone to pressure wash your home, deck, and anywhere else (outside, of course) that needs it. 

Some sellers decide to repaint their front doors, giving them a pop of color. Red, yellow, and robin’s egg blue are popular right now. But, before you paint, please GET HOA APPROVAL! If an attention-grabbing front door is a bit much for you, consider adding an attractive wreath or basket hanging on it. And make sure the windows are clean!

Aesthetically pleasing container gardens (aka pots with flowers in them) are an affordable way to add instant pizazz. If you don’t have the time or energy to plant, there are beautiful, ready-made potted plants for sale at nurseries or home improvement stores. FYI…containers look best in groups of three and odd numbers in general. 

Hardware upgrades are a good “bang for your buck,” as well. Doorknobs, bells, and handles can be upgraded, or at the very least, make sure they are all the same style. The mailbox should be painted and in good shape. You can even add flowers around it for that extra yard-of-the-month touch. 

Some sellers add light fixtures on either side of the front door, and furniture on the porch. A few chairs and a small table can make a big difference. Porch furniture makes a space more inviting and conjures up images of friends and neighbors socializing. Low voltage landscape lights are also an attractive addition, whether they line a path to the front door or highlight trees in the yard. 

Seriously, curb appeal is a big deal (poet and didn’t know it). A pretty, well-kept yard and home exterior, says “I have been taken care of, wait until you see the inside!” Happy selling!


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