Dream Chasing in Nashville

When you chase your dreams, you end up with new surroundings and new challenges. Today, Nicole is sharing her story of dream chasing all the way to Nashville.

Written By: Nicole Does Nashville




About 2.5 years ago I moved to Nashville to chase a dream I had since age 11, to become an occupational therapist. I’ll spare you the details of who I used to be and how I got to Nashville. But, just know this – Nashville has changed me. People have changed me. This profession has changed me.

For as long as I can remember I have been fascinated with fairytales. LOVE – gaaaaah – I LOVE IT. I mean, I am chick flick watching, cry at every wedding (even if I don’t know you), eaves drop on the couple sitting behind me at dinner kinda gal. By 26, I thought that I would have it – love in the sense of marriage & maybe even a family. Well I don’t, but I have something else that’s pretty darn great too.  I am not in love “with the one” but I am in love with SO MANY. Yes, people. I love people!




Such a simple recipe. Nashville + Occupational Therapy = New love for people. Bam! Nashville is a melting pot of thousands of non-natives, all oh so friendly, authentic, and down to earth. No matter where I go, there is awesome conversation/human connection. It’s a complete flip flop from my hometown. Nashville has stretched, pulled, and tested me, causing growth I never imagined. Nashville has played a HUGE factor in erasing the “black and white, wrong or right” mentality I used to possess.

Occupational Therapy. What’s that? Well – we help people across the life span participate in the things they WANT and NEED to do. So essentially we help people live their lives fully through remediation, adaptation, prevention, education.. You get the picture, right!? It is incredible. I’ve had the honor of working with people during the most vulnerable time in their life. People who have had strokes, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, ALS, Parkinson’s, MS, multi-traumma. These people and their families have trusted me, and invited me in – to be a part of their lives, their story – it’s truly beautiful.
Eighth and Roast



So you see, Nashville + OT have changed my heart & my mind – I am so grateful. I once walked around annoyed by people, shutting them out, because they were not living life the way I believed they should. Now I just love you, because you are you & you make me better. You are seen, you are known, you are heard. You are meant for amazing things. Come tell me your story! I’ll be eating my way through Nashville/snapping pictures with my camera. Actually – if were being honest – just stop in Eighth & Roast 😉 Let’s chat!




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