East Nashville

Quirky, Historic, Undeniably Unique.

East Nashville has certainly made a name for itself. Located just across the river from Downtown Nashville, this part of Music City has become a highly coveted spot to live for artists and musicians.

Population: 63,945
Median Home Price: $312,500
Median Condo Price: $323,000
Median Rent: $1,973
County: Davidson

Your Home in East Nashville

East Nashville operates as a satellite city to Nashville as it has its own culture and overall vibe. Nashvillians flock to this area for dining, concerts, and an easy-going atmosphere. East Nashville is broken-up into over a dozen distinct areas most notably: 5-points, Historic Edgefield, East End, Eastwood Neighbors, East Hill, Lockeland Springs, Rolling Acres, Inglewood, Greenwood Neighbors, Cleveland Park, and McFerrin Park.


The epicenter of East Nashville, 5-points is a popular spot for locals to hang out. 5-points is a completely commercial district, however it is bordered by 3 neighborhoods: Historic Edgefield. East End, and Lockeland Springs. Some of East Nashville’s most popular destinations reside in 5-points: 3 Crow, Red Door Saloon, Drifters Barbecue, Bongo Java East, 5-Points Pizza, and more (see our favorites below.)

Historic Edgefield

Nashville’s first historic district. Here you will find elegant victorian style homes alongside new construction condominiums and apartments. Historic Edgefield is mostly residential, but borders East Nashville’s popular 5-points district which is filled with local restaurant and shopping hotspots. This endearing little neighborhood is a true gem.

Median Condo Price: $307,000

Median Home Price: $419,000

Median Rent: $2,273

East End

East Nashville’s smallest and most desirable area. This tiny district borders 5-points, giving residents access to many local favorites. Most homes in the area are historic remodels reminiscent of popular builds for the Nashville middle class between 1880 and 1945. East End rarely has homes in the market, so if you find one, you better act quick.

Median Condo Price: N/A

Median Home Price: $495,000

Median Rent: N/A

Eastwood Neighbors

Deemed by Redfin to be “the second hottest neighborhood in the U.S.,” it is evident that Eastwood is the place to be. Residential options include Tudors, Cottages, and Victorian style homes. Eastwood is also home to a number of local businesses including Portland Brew, Jeni’s Ice Cream, Rosepepper Cantina, and Five Daughters Bakery.

Median Condo Price: N/A

Median Home Price: $325,000

Median Rent: $2,900

East Hill

Conveniently located along Gallatin Pike, East Hill provides accessibility to all East Nashville neighborhoods. Home styles include tudors, historic cottages, and new builds. East Hill is also home to East Nashville favorite, The Hop Spot.

Median Condo Price: N/A

Median Home Price: $356,900

Median Rent: N/A

Lockeland Springs

In-between 5-points and Shelby Park, Lockeland Springs boasts walking distance to local hotspots and greenspaces. Home styles include Turn of The Century, Queen Anne Cottages, Victorian and Craftsman.

Median Condo Price: N/A

Median Home Price: $484,000

Median Rent: $2,700

Rolling Acres

One of East Nashville’s hidden gems, Rolling Acres boasts golf course views and easy access to Shelby Park. Home styles include new builds, and Ranches. If you’re looking for an affordable neighborhood where you can experience all that East Nashville has to offer, Rolling Acres is for you.

Median Condo Price: N/A

Median Home Price: $343,000

Median Rent: $2,100


Decidedly the largest East Nashville neighborhood, Inglewood is growing at a fast pace. Homes in the area are newer builds, built after 1920. Styles range from bungalows, cottages, ranches and tudors to new builds. Prices in the area are affordable than most East Nashville neighborhoods. Inglewood is also located next to Gallatin Pike making it easy for residents to travel to other parts of the city. The Grand Ole Opry and Opry Mills are also just a 10-minute drive away.

Median Condo Price: N/A

Median Home Price: $290,000

Median Rent: $1,500

Greenwood Neighbors

One of East Nashville’s older neighborhoods, Greenwood, has seen a lot of growth lately thanks in part to locally famous restaurants: Mas Tacos, Holland House, and The Pharmacy. Residents in the area enjoy walkability and close proximity to all East Nashville neighborhoods.

Median Condo Price: N/A

Median Home Price: $457,500

Median Rent: $1,225

Cleveland Park

Set to be East Nashville’s next hot neighborhood, Cleveland Park has seen tremendous growth over the past decade. Homebuyers are drawn in by the neighborhood’s historical significance, natural beauty, and quick access to downtown. Styles include mid-century bungalows and new builds. Currently, prices range from 200k-250k, this is expected to change as the neighborhood grows. Buying in Cleveland Park is a good investment.

Median Condo Price: N/A

Median Home Price: $299,900

Median Rent: N/A

McFerrin Park

Growing at a rate similar to its neighbor, Cleveland Park, McFerrin Park is another attractive East Nashville location. Residents enjoy walking distance to downtown Nashville (10-min walk, 2-min bike ride.) Home styles in the area vary from victorian, tudor, and craftsman. McFerrin is an attractive option for those looking to buy in the East Nashville area.

Median Condo Price: N/A

Median Home Price: $220,000

Median Rent: $1,300

East Nashville is part of the Metro Nashville Public Schools System. Here is a list of schools that residents typically attend. View a full list of schools, including magnet and charter, at MNPS.org.


  • Kirkpatrick Elementary
  • Kipp Academy Nashville ES
  • Warner Elementary
  • Lockeland Elementary
  • Nashville Classical Elementary
  • Caldwell Elementary
  • Rosebank Elementary
  • Inglewood Elementary
  • Dan Mills Elementary
  • Glenn Elementary
  • Hattie Cotton Elementary
  • Shwab Elementary
  • Tom Joy Elementary
  • Gra-mar Middle Prep School
  • Jere Baxter Middle Prep School
  • Litton Middle Prep School
  • Stratford High
  • Maplewood High


  • Montessori East

(Statistics are compiled across all areas of East Nashville)

Median Condo Price:  $312,500

Median Cost Per Sqft (Condo): $217

Median Condo Size: 1,505 sqft. 2-bed 2.5-bath

Median Home Price: $323,000

Median Cost Per Sqft (Home): $190

Median Home Size: 1716 sqft. 3-bed 2-bath

Median Rent: $1973


UberX: $9-13


UberX: $11-16


UberX: $7-9

The Gulch

UberX: $7-9


UberX: $9-13

12 South

UberX: $11-15

On the afternoon of March 22nd, 1916 ‘the fire of the century’ brought East Nashville to its knees. Destroying over 600 homes and businesses, leaving 3,000 people homeless. In the matter of a day, East Nashville went from prosperity, to wasteland. For years it seemed as if East Nashville was gone for good. However, a wave of new residents saw promise, and began renovating the historic neighborhood. Growth didn’t happen overnight, it’s taken years for East Nashville to rise from the ashes. 100 years after the great fire, East Nashville is back and better than ever. Now East Nashville is popular on a local and national scale, thanks in part to it’s character and a little help from a show called Nashville.

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