Homeowners Insurance

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Have you ever wondered what homeowners insurance is? Plenty of people have asked us about it, so we thought we’d drop a little knowledge.

The basic purpose of homeowners insurance is to provide financial protection against disasters that cause damage to the home. Additional coverages can be purchased to cover things like flood damage and earthquakes, but most standard policies contain coverage for:


  • The Dwelling – Covers the structure of the property.
  • Other Structures – Detached structures like garages and tool sheds.
  • Personal Property – Covers personal items from theft, fire, or other insured disasters.
  • Loss of Use – Covers expenses or cost of living if your dwelling becomes uninhabitable.
  • Liability – Covers lawsuits for bodily injury or property damage you cause to others.


There are varying levels of coverage available depending on your situation. It’s best to shop for your situation and avoid paying for coverage you don’t need. Another helpful tip is to have your insurance payments added to your mortgage checks and paid by your lender from your escrow account. More than likely, you will need to pay for one year of insurance at closing.


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