Inspired By The Big City

Alexis always dreamed of moving to Nashville, now that dream is a reality. Here’s a glimpse into her story and a few of her favorite things about the city.


Written By: Alexis Teichmiller


Growing up in a small town of 500 people in Southern Illinois, I resonated so much with the country music I heard on the radio. Hoping that one day, I would live in the city where country music was born. Not because I wanted to make it as a singer, but to be surrounded by the twinkling lights of such a creative place. At twenty-two and a fresh college graduate, I packed my U-Haul and moved 5 hours south to the city I knew was destined to be apart of my story.

Nashville has the small town qualities of southern chill with an entreprenurial hustle I’ve never seen before. There’s not a day that goes by without this city taking my breath away. Whether it be the kind-hearted people, the view of the growing skyline, or stuffing my face with Five Daughters Donuts. Nashville challenged me to be the woman I always wanted to be. It challenged me to take chances and find my voice. A lot of people move here with hopes and dreams to make it big. There’s an energy here that’s undeniable. It’s the kind of energy that gets you out of bed in the morning and keeps you up at night working on your side hustle.

As a lifestyle blogger, the online/blogging community here is booming. I’ve had the opportunity to partner with incredible brands and people that remind me exactly why I moved here. I moved here to be inspired. And inspiration sure isn’t lacking here! After living in Nashville for a year and a half, it’s become home and people here have become apart of my family. But before I took the leap to move here, I first had to ask myself, “What inspires you?” And then I went and chased it. What inspires you?


Alexis Teichmiller

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