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Go Green!

It’s generally accepted that those who own a home have reached adulthood. Successful adulthood requires “adulting”, which includes taking care of your stuff, among other things. Most dwellings come with a free lawn, and like a house, a lawn needs tender love and care–or at least, regular care. And who is responsible for taking care … Continued

Don’t Curb the Enthusiasm!

We all know about first impressions—they matter. Potential buyers form their first impression of a home the moment they pull up to it. Hence, the term curb appeal. The outside of your home is every bit as important as the inside. No one wants to hear the feedback, “the buyers never went in after seeing … Continued

Thinking About Taking the Pool Plunge?

When it comes to owning a pool, people tend to fall into one of two categories: they either really want one, or they really don’t. Owning a pool can be both a huge benefit or a huge hassle. There is value in having a pool for entertainment and enjoyment, but taking care of and paying … Continued

Inspection Protection

A home inspection might seem like it’s an aspect of home buying or selling that’s beyond a person’s (except the inspector, of course) control. About all you can do is cross your fingers and say a quick prayer to the god of home inspections, right? Wrong. There are a lot of steps you can take … Continued

Safety in Selling

If you are in the common catch-22 situation of buying and selling homes at the same time, the logistics can be UGLY. Buy first? Sell first? Unless you are Thurston Howell (the 3rd), or Jeff Bezos, it is usually safer to sell first. Think about it. After you sell your home, you have the money … Continued

Where’s the Feedback?

After potential buyers look at your house, it’s easy to let your thoughts run rampant. Did they love the new tile in the bathroom? Did they get a bad vibe? Do they have bad taste? They must if the sheer beauty of the floral guest room wallpaper didn’t result in an above-asking-price offer. Your friends … Continued

Buying Before Selling

You’ve probably heard it by now; selling a home is in the top ten list of stressors in life. So, selling AND buying a home at the same time pretty much guarantees a few sleepless nights. You’re reading this, so chances are, that is exactly what you are attempting to do. On the positive side, … Continued

Protect Your Funds From Fraud

The world is full of scams. Even people who consider themselves scam-savvy, are more vulnerable than they think they are. Unfortunately, the real estate industry is yet another fraud favorite. The number of people who lose thousands of dollars through mortgage wire transfer scams has risen at an alarming rate.  This is how the dastardly … Continued

What to Expect at an Inspection

You’re under contract!! Whether you’re the buyer or seller, it’s a good place to be. Of course, it’s not the best place to be. The best place is in your new home after closing, no contest there. Until then, keep trudging through the process. Next up, is the inspection. A home inspection is an in-person, … Continued

It’s Showtime! Make Sure the Stage is Set

It’s the old double-edged sword. Your real estate agent calls out of the blue to let you know you have a showing. Great! On the other sword edge, your agent calls out of the blue to let you know you have a last-minute showing. Not great! Oh, and they’ll be there in 15 minutes. Panic … Continued

To Upgrade or Not to Upgrade: That is the Question

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The Right Homeowner’s Insurance Policy Will Have Your Back

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Never Fear, Your Agent is Here!

So, you’ve decided to make the big move! Whether you’re a first time homeowner, upsizing, downsizing, moving to a new town, moving across the country or you just can’t take living next to Harriet the Spy any longer, the home buying process is generally the same. Generally. There’s still the age-old question: When should you … Continued

Manage the Move

This is the day you’ve been waiting for! Why aren’t you jumping for joy?? Is it because physically moving your possessions from one place to another is generally considered a nightmare that blows Friday the Thirteen out of the water? (Get it? Jason comes out of the water?) Hopefully, the only water involved in your … Continued

The Home Stretch!

Congratulations! You’ve reached the pinnacle of the home-buying mountain: Closing. Hopefully your amazing agent has kept you well-informed every step of the way, and there won’t be any surprises at closing. Just in case, you should know about a little thing called closing costs. They are not so fun and can be a little overwhelming, … Continued

Never Fear! Moving Tips are Here

Who said, “I love moving all of my things when I buy a new home?” No one. Ever. Moving possessions to a new home is a necessary and monumental task (unless you are a really, really, really hardcore minimalist). But never fear: moving tips are here. It’s likely that some apply to your situation and … Continued

Ready, Set, Move!

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Show Me the Money: The ins and outs of getting a home loan

When a bank gives someone a home loan, they’re taking a gamble. In fact, loaning anyone anything is a gamble—how do you know you will be paid back? But banks aren’t really risking as much as most people are when they give out loans. The bank can grab the house or car back if someone isn’t … Continued

New Home Construction: Is Brand Spanking New Best for You?

A shiny new house, like almost anything brand new, has appeal. Of course you want to be first to burn dinner in the oven and hang clothes in the closet! And in growing areas like Nashville, new homes are constantly under construction. Before you get comfy in your unblemished new digs, it’s a good idea … Continued

Does Your New Home Warrant a Home Warranty?

If house hunting, inspections, offers, neighborhood associations, amenities, contingencies and closings aren’t giving you the real estate fix you crave, you can always consider a home warranty. Home warranties and homeowner’s insurance are two different things. A warranty is a service contract, usually lasting one year (or two if you negotiate well). The warranty company … Continued

An Agent Who’s First Rate Helps Negotiate

Buying and selling a home is a big deal. It significantly affects your finances, where you live, your options for friends and activities, and your children’s education. With so much at stake, you want to walk away happy with the deal. A “deal” consists of many aspects, but unless it’s a seller’s market, it rarely … Continued

New Construction vs Existing Home

Looking to sell your home in Middle Tennessee? Give us a call at 615-933-1000 to get started! To Build or Not to Build? That is the Question. One of many prospective home buyers’ early decisions is whether to purchase a newly-constructed or pre-owned home. This decision can narrow your list of cities, neighborhoods, schools, and more – … Continued

Location, Location, Location

Looking to sell your home in Middle Tennessee? Give us a call at 615-933-1000 to get started! Location, Location, Location No matter where you are along the home-buying journey, a gentle reminder: there are plenty of fish in the sea. While it may be easier said than done, there is not just one area, neighborhood, or home … Continued

Home Styles 101

Looking to sell your home in Middle Tennessee? Give us a call at 615-933-1000 to get started! Or, Tudor: it’s not the person who helped you pass chemistry (that’s a tutor, and you should probably send them a thank you note) It’s time for a new home, and you’re ready: your credit is pristine, and you have … Continued

The Home Stretch

Looking to sell your home in Middle Tennessee? Give us a call at 615-933-1000 to get started! You’ve signed a contract with the seller and the “for sale” sign on your soon-to-be home has an added “under contract,” on it. But before you take the big relieved, it’s-all-over exhale, there are a few more items that still … Continued

Home Preparation: Clean and Spacious are the Magic Words

Looking to sell your home in Middle Tennessee? Give us a call at 615-933-1000 to get started! Preparing your home for sale can feel completely overwhelming, especially if you tend to save all of your kids’ art projects or you haven’t gotten around to that silly maintenance stuff. Home preparation can also be completely painless if you’re … Continued

6 Steps to Selling Your Home: Going Once, Going Twice, Sold!

Looking to sell your home in Middle Tennessee? Give us a call at 615-933-1000 to get started! Is it time to take another adult-sized step in life? If it’s time to sell your home, that meets the criteria. At this point, you’re on the somewhat-less-fun side of home sales. Selling isn’t quite as enjoyable as looking for … Continued

Fun with Financing

Looking to buy a home in Middle Tennessee? Start your property search today! “Fun and financing” just doesn’t have the same ring as “peanut butter and jelly.” They don’t really go together. But for most home buyers, “home and financing” do go together, so you should probably learn a little about where and how to … Continued

The five steps to buying: Grab those ruby slippers and say “There’s no place like home!”

Looking to buy a home in Middle Tennessee? Start your property search today! Overwhelmed at the thought of buying a home? It’s your lucky day! You’ve stumbled upon the yellow brick road. Now just follow it. Step 1: Review your credit Unless you have saved up enough cash to buy a home outright, you will … Continued

Buyer’s Agent Agreement 101

Looking to buy a home in Middle Tennessee? Start your property search today! With all the time you have spent at home nesting recently, and the exceedingly-low interest rates, can you afford NOT to buy a house? Technically, yes. It costs less to not buy a house than it does to buy one. But if … Continued

Nashville’s Newest Developments

Looking to buy a home in Middle Tennessee? Start your property search today! It seems that cranes dot the sky anywhere you look in Nashville these days. With roughly 100 people moving into our city each day, buildings can’t go up fast enough. To accommodate this growth, developers are investing in condo complexes all over … Continued

Cleaning For A Cause: April Clothing Drive

    Have the winter months left your home cluttered? Help us help our community by spring cleaning for a great cause!  Living TN is hosting a clothing drive with local non-profit Nashville Rescue Mission to help provide clothing to those in need. Join us in helping our community by bringing old clothes and shoes to … Continued

Spring Gardening Tips

  Looking to Buy real estate in Middle Tennessee? Start your home search today! If you aren’t planning on selling your home this season, it’s time to get your spring vegetable garden planted!  Six Tips to help you garden this spring. No More Dirty Nails – No one likes getting dirty, and dirt under your fingernails is one … Continued

Affordable Areas in Nashville

  Looking to Buy real estate in Middle Tennessee? Start your home search today! The Nashville we know and love is currently undergoing a rapid transformation fueled by a massive influx of new residents. While the city has long been a destination for creative people to converge and collaborate, there’s been a recent surge of … Continued

Preparing for the Spring Real Estate Market

Thanks to Punxsutawney Phil, you’ve got 6 more weeks to prepare for Spring. It’s time to get a jumpstart before a busy season of real estate begins. Best time to sell  Supply of prepared buyers Buyers have been eagerly awaiting the spring season to start their search, because of this sellers have a supply of … Continued

The Rise of Mortgage Rates: How Will It Impact You?

After historic lows in 2016, mortgage rates are on the rise. In October 2016, mortgage rates were hovering around 3.5% and as of December 15th, 2016, the rate was 4.5%. Housing agency Freddie Mac predicts that mortgage rates will continue to increase heading into the new year. So how will the rise of mortgage rates affect you? The … Continued

25 Days of Nashville

Christmas is quickly approaching, and that means it’s time to buy presents. Living TN understands that finding the perfect gift is no easy task, so we’ve partnered with 25 local businesses to give you the ultimate Nashville Christmas Gift Guide. The local businesses we partnered with and their featured gifts are below. Be on the … Continued

Nashville: Stay Awhile

Being able to share about how I am #LivingTN is a cool opportunity, given that I’ve only been living here for six months! Originally from Denver Colorado, Nashville won me over from the mountains with it’s southern hospitality, darling neighborhoods, and kind people. Something Nashville does best is creating spaces where people want to be. We … Continued

Taylor’s Love For Nashville

Taylor Dietrich from tells us why she’s head-over-heels for the city of Nashville.   Written By: Taylor Ann Dietrich   If there is one thing I’m sure about, it is that I am head-over-heels (or, should I say boots?) in love with the city of Nashville. Really, y’all. I am #obsessed. And while that … Continued

Taking Rehabs To A New Level

We have many locations throughout San Antonio and South Texas, so you can spend less time traveling and more time focusing on your health. buy cialis south africa You’ll receive the expert treatment you need and the personal care and attention you deserve.

Ashley Houston – NashvilleWifeStyles

Ashley Houston tells us why she loves her state so much. Here are her favorite places to eat, play, and live in Nashville. Written By: Ashley Houston Hey guys! Today I’m working with LivingTN to show my love for my home state of over 30 years. I was born and raised in Kingsport, TN. My dad, step-mom, nana … Continued

Built By Martin

Originally from Northern Ireland, Daniel Martin came to America to fulfill a dream. After a nudge in the right direction, Built By Martin was born. "Inspired In Ireland. Handcrafted in Nashville."   Daniel Martin has a lifetime worth of experience with woodworking dating back to his childhood. While most kids were watching tv or playing … Continued

Nashville Through Jamaria’s Eyes

Jamaria loves the way Nashville is telling her story, through local shopping, eateries and even sports, she shares her love for Nashville in a new way. I’m super excited to be partnering with LivingTN today to talk about how I’m living in Tennessee and mainly in my city, NASHVILLE! I will be touching on how much I … Continued

Bringing on Change in a New City

Anusha and her husband saw an opportunity to create a life in Nashville. Here is a glimpse into their transition and how they fell in love with our city. “It must be a big change!” That’s the first thing I hear when I tell people that I moved from Brooklyn, NY to Nashville, TN. “It’s … Continued

Dream Chasing in Nashville

When you chase your dreams, you end up with new surroundings and new challenges. Today, Nicole is sharing her story of dream chasing all the way to Nashville. Written By: Nicole Does Nashville     About 2.5 years ago I moved to Nashville to chase a dream I had since age 11, to become an occupational … Continued

Tennessee From a True Native

We’ve heard from people who have moved to Nashville, but now we get to peak inside the life of a true Tennessee Native and how she’s #LivingTN. Written By: Greta Hollar   Today I’m working with LivingTN to talk to you about why I love Living in Tennessee, Nashville specifically! See why I love Tennessee so much … Continued

Nearly Native

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From NYC to Nashville

From the Big Apple to Music City, Alex Sharp gives us a glimpse into her life and how she is #LivingTN Written By: Alex Sharp   It seems like only yesterday, after three amazing years in New York City, that I packed my bags, loaded the car and found myself Tennessee bound with my new … Continued

From Charleston, SC to Nashville, TN

It should be noted that it may have taken longer because I took it on a full stomach. That means paying many times the cost of a generic pill, one of the advantages that pharma companies enjoy when they introduce a brand. On a short journey from Charleston, SC, Taylor Flynn found herself in … Continued

How to Cozy Up Your Dorm Room

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#LivingTN Healthy & Chic

This young family is living a healthy + chic life exploring exploring Nashville treasures and pitstops. Read on to see how they’re #LivingTN. Written By: Ashley Hammer My husband Charlie and I were born and raised in Tennessee, so between the two of us, we’re lucky to have explored a large part of the state. … Continued

A Gardener’s Touch

Everyone has a different take on how they are #LivingTN. Emily puts a new spin on how she’s got the natural touch of Tennessee. Written by: Emily Magee   “When I first moved to Nashville I had a lot to learn about myself and a lot of learn about the life ahead of me. All … Continued

3 Ways Nashville Has Literally Transformed My Life

Moving to Nashville brings new challenges and experiences. See how Deidre used her move to Nashville as inspiration for her dreams. Written By: Deidre DeFelice   “My first few years were spent making hundreds of dollars a night waiting tables, having way too much fun dancing on bars downtown (somewhere I rarely visit now!) and … Continued

The Nashville Kid

We love seeing how people are #LivingTN through different stages of life. Meet Olivia, a 15 year old with big plans in the Nashville community. Written By: Olivia Lauer   “The Nashville Kid is directed towards youth by promoting local brands and artists around town. I share about inexpensive restaurants, as well as cheap or … Continued

Nashville Newbie: Reflections from a Northern Transplant

Jackie Wall is a Northerner at heart, but Nashville made her fall in love with the south. Here’s her story on how she began #LivingTN. Written By: Jackie Wall The true embodiment of embracing the culture in Tennessee means constantly failing and learning, setting goals and working together to make the community fuller by all of … Continued


When the historic Melrose Theatre went up for sale a few years back, Q-Taylor saw an opportunity to fulfill a childhood dream. He called on his friends Sam Reed and Ed Reed to propose a plan. After a night full of whiskey, Sinema was born.  Sinema opened on June 23rd, 2014 in Berry Hill on … Continued

Jackalope Brewery

Great beer & great people. That’s Jackalope. Owners Bailey Spaulding, Steve Wright and their staff are a joy to be around. Here is a glimpse into Jackalope and how they are #LivingTN If you asked Bailey Spaulding what she wanted to be growing up, her answer would have been a lawyer. Little did she know … Continued

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