Nashville: Stay Awhile

Being able to share about how I am #LivingTN is a cool opportunity, given that I’ve only been living here for six months! Originally from Denver Colorado, Nashville won me over from the mountains with it’s southern hospitality, darling neighborhoods, and kind people.

Something Nashville does best is creating spaces where people want to be. We love to be surrounded by things that are beautiful and there is no shortage of that here. When we find ourselves in beautiful spaces, spaces intentionally designed for people to stay, talk, eat, and drink, we find chances to connect with other people just like us. These spaces make us feel at home, as we keep coming back over & over again.

Spaces to eat and drink are easy targets for fostering a sense of community and providing opportunities to meet new people. For breakfast, my go to is Proper Bagel in Hillsboro. They have a community table in the middle, a wrap around porch, and the sweetest servers ever. I love the black and white minimalist design, the New York Leo, and the nutella peanut butter cream cheese! Taco Mamacita is always reliable for dinner, and their open deck that faces out on the street is the perfect place to be any time of year. If you’re looking for coffee, Crema never fails and their deck provides the best view of downtown (are we noticing a theme here with the decks?).

Some of my other favorite spaces include the charming boho Anthropologie style Dandelion Salon in East Nashville. Their owner was so intentional in the design of the salon, that you want to stay long before and after your appointment time. The stores in 12 South also draw us in and ask us to hang out, even if we’re not shopping. I’m in love with the coziness of Imogen and Willie and the ice tea at Draper James. The Farmers Market on the corner is always full of families and people buying flowers, pumpkins, and seasonal fruits and veggies, and one of my favorite places to take some great photos.

I’m learning you can connect anywhere – over drinks, over coffee, around that cute little flower truck that posts up around town. Nashville is full of neighborhoods and spaces designed for you to stay and connect, and it makes the new kids in town feel at home a lot faster than in any other city.

So let’s stay awhile, shall we?

You can follow more of my favorite spaces to stay for coffee or a drink or just a good photo op on my Instagram and blog, M. Paige!

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