Never Fear! Moving Tips are Here

Who said, “I love moving all of my things when I buy a new home?” No one. Ever. Moving possessions to a new home is a necessary and monumental task (unless you are a really, really, really hardcore minimalist). But never fear: moving tips are here. It’s likely that some apply to your situation and some don’t. But they are worth a quick read.

Tips for hiring pro movers to pack and move:

  1. Get multiple quotes (mid-week moves are usually less expensive)
  2. Read moving company reviews
  3. Bring cash for tipping movers. A general tipping rule is five dollars per mover, per hour
  4. If you are moving a long distance, pack a fully charged tablet inside a box, and use a phone finder app to track where your stuff is at all times
  5. Carefully read a copy of the moving company’s insurance policy. As questions to ensure you understand it.

Tips for moving yourself:

  1. Check your homeowner’s insurance policy to see if they cover possessions you move. If they don’t, or if you need to fill in gaps, get moving insurance
  2. Figure out the size of truck you need
  3. Get bungee cords and rope to tie stuff down
  4. Price buying or renting a hand truck (aka dolly) if you have a lot to move. Upgrade to the one that converts to roll on four wheels if you have heavy furniture.
  5. Go overboard on supplies. You can never have too many boxes in a variety of sizes (find free boxes at recycling drop-off locations). Load up on bubble wrap, cartons, blankets, cushions, and packing tape. Don’t forget a few tape dispensers. 
  6. In general, plan for packing up one room per day. Don’t forget the garage and kitchen.
  7. Pack TVs, mirrors, and framed artwork in adjustable TV boxes
  8. Wrap small items in bright tissue paper so they aren’t accidentally thrown out
  9. Don’t overload boxes. They should be sealable with one piece of packing tape.
  10. Wrap pieces that go together with stretch wrap
  11. If space is an issue, use vacuum storage bags for bulky items like sweaters and blankets.
  12. Speaking of blankets, you can also use blankets and pillows to wrap or cushion framed art and other fragile items.
  13. And speaking of breakable items, be sure to mark boxes with big “FRAGILE” notations as needed
  14. If you are in a hurry, use plastic drawstring trash bags. Pull bags up and over your hanging clothes and cinch on the hanger.
  15. Pack liquids like detergent and lotion in zip lock bags
  16. The heavier the item, the smaller the box you should pack it in.
  17. Instead of wrapping and taping each plate or glass, buy foam pouches and just slip breakables in those
  18. Carry less and make more trips.
  19. Like mama used to say: Bend at the knees!

Hiring movers OR moving yourself:

  1. Get organized. Come up with a labeling system so you can quickly see what room a box goes to: user color coded tape, or print labels ahead of time. Trust us, you’ll be glad when each box at least lands in the right room. 
  2. If you are moving out of a rental, get a copy of your lease and read it carefully. Do exactly what it says—if you want your deposit money back.
  3. Rekey the locks in your new home ASAP. A locksmith can do it in a couple of hours.
  4. Keep a list of passwords secure and easily accessible
  5. Bring a broom and dustpan or a handheld vacuum
  6. Transfer or cancel utilities
  7. Don’t forget new tags and licenses
  8. Hire a company to deep clean your old and new homes.
  9. Pack two clear bins and keep them with you. One with commonly needed supplies like a hammer, screwdriver, measuring tape, pencils, packing tape, scissors, box cutters, paper, and markers, and another with toilet paper, paper towels, over the counter painkillers, bandages, wipes, hand sanitizer, and sunscreen.
  10. Protect your mattress with a mattress bag
  11. Have lots of water bottles on hand
  12. If you have pets to board, arrange a month in advance and board them before moving day
  13. Bring a door stopper
  14. Schedule pick ups for items you’re donating to charity (and keep the receipts)
  15. No packing on moving day! Get it done before.
  16. Did you forget? Like mama used to say, bend at the knees!


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