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Tennessee-Licensed Real Estate Agent

Living TN, LLC Brokered by eXp Realty


Living TN, is seeking an ambitious and high performing Licensed Real Estate Professional that is eager to accelerate career growth by joining a top producing real estate team serving the Greater Nashville Area. Applicants should be committed to taking their careers to the next level and interested in finally being able to focus on what they do best: helping clients buy and sell real estate!


Unlike most agents, who work all by themselves, Living TN is a team of experts and specialists who each have a specific role to play in the process of helping people buy and sell homes. We have an entire admin Hub that supports each agent from initial lead through to contract close and commission payout.  Our Hub takes care of the marketing, transaction and listing management, and handles all the administrative details, so agents can focus their time on what they enjoy most: meeting with home buyers and sellers, showing homes, writing offers, negotiating deals, attending settlements, building relationships, and earning money!


This position is a good fit for only the hungriest of real estate professionals who are ready to work and build like never before. Interested Agents must desire to be leaders in their field, have a keen business sense, polished interpersonal skills, and the ability to balance client acquisition with client management. High energy, a servant mindset, and the ability and desire to leverage the larger team are essential qualities for success in this role. The ideal candidate must embrace the team philosophy. He/she is continuously focused on improving real estate skills and knowledge by leveraging daily coaching, training, and growth opportunities. We provide our agents with a wealth of knowledge and services and in return, we expect productivity, with commitment to at least 2 closings per month and a rigorous 30/60/90 days start up period.   


If this accurately describes you or someone you know, please email your resume to See below for more information:


Experience: 2+ years of real estate experience with at least $2M in production in last 12 months.


Compensation: Commission-based with unlimited earning potential


Job Description:

  • Commits to working a minimum of 40 hours per week on the business, in the office, and in the community to build a strong database and pipeline of business. (Willing to work nights and weekends, if required, to achieve client and agent goals.)
  • Participates in daily and weekly training, coaching, and accountability sessions
  • Sets and commits to achieve goals with weekly pipeline and activity reporting
  • Commits to hosting 2+ open houses and successfully closing 2+ contracts per month
  • Attacks each morning with 2+ hours of purposeful lead generation prospecting time in the office
  • Nurtures early stage home buyers identified through the Living TN property search websites, for-sale-by-owner and expired listings, sign calls, Google ads, and other lead sources
  • Interviews prospective home buyers and sellers and schedules appointments to meet in person
  • Conducts phone consultation needs analysis interviews
  • Prepares financing/net proceeds estimates
  • Conducts home buyer & seller strategy consultations
  • Identifies and shows homes to qualified home buyers
  • Prepares & negotiates purchase offer contracts
  • Oversees home inspections & negotiates home inspection repairs
  • Monitors contracts with the Transaction Coordinator to ensure successful closing



  • Proven success
    • Current Tennessee Real Estate License, E&O Insurance, and local board membership
    • Sufficient savings, drive, and determination to build a strong pipeline, which is the foundation of a successful commission based career
    • Proven leader with a record of providing exceptional customer service
    • Ability to execute a plan and balance prospecting with existing client sales
    • Willingness to trust and follow the Living TN model
    • Diligent to do what it takes to get the job done right with excellence and urgency
    • Phone sales/lead generation experience, comfortable with outbound prospecting
    • Goal oriented, growth mindset, and has the desire to leave a legacy for generations
    • Self-starter with strong organization skills that works well under pressure; you do what you say you’ll do, facing challenges with optimism
    • Innately competitive, but understands that the support team can be your secret weapon to winning big fast
    • Strong verbal and written communication/presentation skills with confidence in both
  • Natural connector and networker
    • A natural leader with a large sphere of influence that is innovative and forward thinking
    • Enjoys developing community relationships and building strategic partnerships to support mutual success and growth
    • Skillful at quickly building trusting relationships with clients, prospects, and peers
  • Lifelong learner:
    • A natural leader, but also coachable and accountable
    • Excited about personal development; is learning-focused and committed to self-mastery
    • Passionately pursues personal & professional improvement by studying the experts
    • Practices and constantly improves financial literacy, serves as a local economist: knows / willing to learn neighborhoods, community nuances, area statistics, and market data
    • Adept at quickly learning and implementing new skills
  • Metrics-driven and tech-savvy:
    • Comfortable with technology, learning and deploying new software, programs, and systems to accelerate growth and increase productivity
    • Regularly tracks metrics and competes to consistently achieve goals
    • Committed to the success of Living TN and understands the value of the resources provided (company success correlates to individual success and vice versa)
  • Great fit and attitude
    • Gets it / has the it-factor, is fun, active, kind, selfless (willing to help others succeed)
    • Practices an abundance mentality, accountable to self and others, is solution oriented, and has a positive, can-do attitude
    • Likes to be pushed and challenged to be better, able to tactfully give and take direction
    • Adapts well to an ever-changing (constantly improving) innovative work environment

About us:


Think of us as an agent services company. We encourage our team members to specialize based on their strengths and never require agents to be all things to our clients. Instead, Living TN agents focus on selling while our other team members support the overall transaction. This means buyers and sellers have a team of experts instead of an individual supporting their entire transaction, which makes the experience for everyone involved first class. We value visionary thinking, profitability, and hard work driven by a passion for success. Our goal is to forever change the real estate industry through superior talent, proven systems, and revolutionary technology.


Living TN is different by design. Our work is much more than real estate. Our work is your life, your dreams, and building your legacy. We believe that integrity, teamwork, passion, accountability, and a learning mindset are the key tenets of real success. By adhering to these values, we will achieve our mission of building Generational Wealth through real estate.


Many of us were born and raised in Tennessee and we are experts in this market. Unlike other agencies, we provide a dedicated team of specialists, partners, real estate tools, and resources to accelerate sales and achieve client goals.

We believe it is our job to be ambassadors for the community. We love where we live and we want to share our favorite places with you. We are actively looking for passionate real estate empire builders that desire to take their careers to the next level through the scaleability, predictability, and sustainability of joining one of the top real estate teams in the world. Contact us today so we can take on the administrative burden of being an agent and you can focus on joining the ranks of other top agents in the industry!

If you or someone you know would like to join our team, please email your resume to

Living TN is hiring! Request information or give us a call at 615-933-1000.