6 Steps to Selling Your Home: Going Once, Going Twice, Sold!

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Is it time to take another adult-sized step in life? If it’s time to sell your home, that meets the criteria. At this point, you’re on the somewhat-less-fun side of home sales. Selling isn’t quite as enjoyable as looking for a new place to live, when you get to spend a lot of time exploring other people’s homes while deciding if the lack of heated-tile floors is a deal-breaker. Rest assured, though, selling a house pays off (get it?) in the end.

Here are the six basic steps to sell your home:

Step 1: Clean and declutter and when you finish, clean and declutter again

Time to declutter

Think deep clean — the kind that involves rags, mops, and squirt bottles that smell like bleach, not flowers. Don’t forget that the exterior probably needs to be pressure washed and maybe even painted (please, hire someone for that). There are probably a lot of small glamorous tasks to do too, like fixing the toilet handle and scrubbing baseboards.

Step 2: Find a successful real estate agent – who is highly recommended – and who you like to sell you home

An agent isn’t mandatory, as “for sale by owner” (FSBO) is an option. But, be warned that among the 36% of sellers who choose to go the FSBO route, only 11% ultimately sell their homes without a real estate agent, according to a report by Zillow So if you’re ready to sell your home, check out our team here at Living TN, and give us a call at 615-933-1000 or schedule an appointment so we can get to know you.

Your agent will receive commission, which is money you won’t see. But, they also spare you a lot of hassle. Agents do the research to determine the best sale price, list your home in all the right places, market your home in their network of other agents, communicate with prospective buyers, and show the house. They help with negotiations, contingencies, the inspection, and make sure everything happens on time. And they explain everything you’re signing at closing and, in general, just help you successfully navigate the home-selling waters. 

Step 3: Determine the sale price

Your agent’s experience can really help with many factors involved here. Information like comparable sales in the area, interest rates, the housing market, and the condition and age of your home all matter. The “sweet spot” listing price is critical to getting a quick but fair offer. Your house will get a lot of attention and the highest offers when first listed, because everyone looking in that price range wants to get the first shot at it.

Step 4: Rely on your agent when the offers on your fabulous dwelling come rolling in

A good agent is essential to smooth negotiations. When an agreement is reached, your house will be officially under contract. But hold off on throwing that moving party for a bit longer. Sometimes, there can still be troubled waters ahead (cue dramatic music).

Step 5: After the home inspection, decide what to fix

Inspectors can come back with quite a list, so don’t freak out. You won’t need to fix every little thing to sell your home, but it’s best to take care of the big things, like anything that’s structural (hopefully, you won’t have to deal with this, because it can get ugly or, at least, expensive), or related to electric or plumbing. Your agent can connect you with highly-rated professionals who can handle the list of repairs with ease. Remember, items on the inspection list are negotiable, like everything else in real estate.

Sold doormatStep 6: Work with your agent to prepare for closing – and close!

At this point, the last thing you want is a hiccup, or worse, a full-fledged burp.

When all goes smoothly (knock on wood) at closing, your house will be officially sold. Be prepared to have mixed feelings, especially if you have lived in it for a long time or during important milestones. If this happens, the best thing to do is to look at the dollar amount on some of the paperwork you’ve just signed. It’s usually an instant cure for the you-no-longer-own-your-house blues.


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