Where’s the Feedback?

After potential buyers look at your house, it’s easy to let your thoughts run rampant. Did they love the new tile in the bathroom? Did they get a bad vibe? Do they have bad taste? They must if the sheer beauty of the floral guest room wallpaper didn’t result in an above-asking-price offer.

Your friends and neighbors may not feel comfortable telling you that your style is “unique” and you have a better chance of getting an invite to Buckingham Palace than you have of selling it. Don’t worry–potential buyers aren’t afraid of offending you!

Fortunately, it’s not necessary to hide in the bushes and run after buyers as they leave your house. That’s your agent’s job! Most agents ask for feedback by email, but some believe a personal phone call is a better approach.

The main thing to remember is not to take the feedback personally. All buyers have particular needs in mind when househunting and your house (while perfect for you) may or may not be the answer for them. If feedback is less than positive try to remain calm and remember that the right buyer will come along!

When multiple buyers offer the same feedback, consider making the change. You might be surprised at how soon an offer comes in after you make a relatively minor fix.  Changes like carpet, paint, and of course, price, are easy to make and often worth it. However, a seasoned agent will most likely have already pointed out minor fixes so that you are well ahead of the game.

If your agent isn’t worried about the feedback (or lack thereof) then you shouldn’t be either. At the end of the day, the only feedback that matters is an offer that is sure to come your way.

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