Taylor’s Love For Nashville

Taylor Dietrich from aTADmorefaith.com tells us why she’s head-over-heels for the city of Nashville.


Written By: Taylor Ann Dietrich


If there is one thing I’m sure about, it is that I am head-over-heels (or, should I say boots?) in love with the city of Nashville. Really, y’all. I am #obsessed. And while that Nashville traffic can cause quite the headache, I am grateful to call this place home. To me, Nashville is the perfect mix of big city possibilities and small town living.


One of the things I love most about Nashville is the growth of its charming neighborhoods. I love venturing off to Germantown to catch a Nashville Sounds’ game (or at least paying for a ticket to hangout at the Bandbox). I love visiting East Nashville and Two Ten Jack for the best ramen noodles this side of the Pacific. I love walking the greenway with friends in Sylvan Park. But if I had to pick a favorite neighborhood, I’d look no further than 12 South.

If it was possible to give a street a hug, I would do it every time I stroll down 12th Avenue. In my opinion, it doesn’t get much better than a date night at Burger Up!, followed by a waffle cone at Jeni’s. But what I love most about this budding little street is seeing all the people… People who have come to Nashville, who love on Nashville, and who are excited about Nashville’s future. And while, as a whole, our “little big city” is growing at a rapid pace, it is the people that make Nashville the home that it is for me. I am excited to see the change that will inevitably come in the coming years, as well as the new mix of people who will come to love it just as I do. To see more of my love for this amazing city be sure to visit my Instagram, Facebook, and of course.

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