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Nobody wants to find a home that they love just to watch someone else move in because they were able to act faster than you were. Homes are going fast and the best way to get the home you want is to talk to a mortgage professional to get pre-approved before you even start looking at homes. You would think this is a no-brainer, but buyers rarely get an actual pre-approval before starting their home search. By getting pre-approved first, you will be ahead of the competition because…


You’ll know what you can afford. Getting pre-approved first will let you know what your price range will be and how much you’re willing to spend.  It also gives you an idea of any additional costs you may have such as closing costs, fees, and insurance.  This allows you to create a budget before you even find a home and puts you in a better financial position.

It saves you time! By knowing your price range, you don’t have to worry about looking at homes you could never be approved for.  This helps you better search for those hidden gems by spending more time looking at the homes you can afford.  This also puts you in a position to quickly make an offer when you find a home you love.

You show the sellers that you’re a motivated buyer. Having a pre-approval letter lets the sellers know that you are serious about buying. When multiple offers are made on a home, being pre-approved can move you to the front of the line.  In some cases, realtors and homeowners will not even accept offers from buyers without a pre-approval.

It increases your negotiating power. Since your approval is essentially a “done deal” when it comes to buying a home, the seller may accept your offer even if other offers are slightly higher in price. If the seller chooses an offer that is not pre-approved, they run the risk of the sale falling through. This automatically gives your offer more weight because it is more of a “sure thing”.


It’s important to note that a pre-qualification is NOT a pre-approval. The borrower will need to provide financial documentation to the lender in order to receive a pre-approval.

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